Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new year

it's strange, this feeling of starting something entirely new--again. usually when i pick up and move somewhere, it's to someplace very far away from home, in another country, across the globe--but i know exactly when i'll be coming back. now, i'm up north of L.A. at a new job and in a new house and sometimes i feel like i'm living someone else's life.

it's also so weird having an answer to the question: so, what do you do? what kind of career are you in? i'd always been working towards something before...but suddenly, i find that i have arrived. it's jarring, and not a little surreal. a beginner again.


A.S. Dumont said...

Welcome to LA!
New beginnings and experiences are so exciting don't you think?

Matt said...

so, what di you do?

Maria Elisa said...

I can hardly wait to graduate and join you up in LA!!

carrieberrie said...

hi sweetie! i heard ur in my part of town now... aka the valley!
actually i'm not there rite now but let's meet up!