Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Did I really let an entire year go by without writing here? 2009 was a year of extremes: expreme happiness, extreme heartbreak, upheaval, beaches stared at through glass but un-frolickable in, early morning coffees, and taking the farmers market for granted.
I didn't think I would feel so in-between for so long. I wonder when adulthood will arrive - or is it already here, and is this it, this constant
worrying and feeling frozen, like one of those dreams where you run harder and harder but you can't seem to be able to move faster than molasses?


Anonymous said...

in the meantime, the cost of the war counter has run up quite a bit too.

better to hope, to trust and to forgive. the burdens we carry become a part of us.

Anonymous said...

write more posts karen!